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If you've ever thought about building a guitar kit but were intimidated by the process or how many tools you need, our new mini kits are a super fun weekend project that can be built by anyone with a soldering iron and a screwdriver. Literally in just a couple hours you can go from unboxing your kit to playing a guitar you built yourself.

Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Stewmac is out with a new electric guitar kit. And this time, it's a mini. Designed at a shorter scale, this one is just one octave up. You can play all the same chords and notes you already know on this super fun little rock.

Speaker 2: It's feeling pretty good.

Speaker 3: It's got some rock in it.

Speaker 4: Yeah, you can still do all the fun stuff you like to do, and all the beinding vibrato.

Speaker 5: What I like about it actually is like...

Speaker 6: It's so tiny and nice.

Speaker 2: Nice, sort of like playing in between a mandolin and a guitar.

Speaker 7: I like it.

Speaker 4: It's really easy to play.

Speaker 8: Higher tension. Bring that pitch up. It's pretty fun.

Speaker 3: I'd get one.

Fun weekend project that can be built by anyone

Speaker 8: When we first introduced these guitars, people were asking us, "Is this just a kid's guitar?" While it's really comfortable for people with small hands, and not to mention a really great project for a young person to start building, it's not a toy. With standard nut spacing and standard bridge spacing, this is just as comfortable for adults, as it is kids. If you've ever been on the fence about building a guitar, this is a really great place to start. Everything comes pre routed and pre-drilled so you don't need any heavy duty tools or a shop to do it.

Whats included in the mini electric guitar kit

When you order a kit, you'll get a beautiful Mahogany body, with the pickup cavities in the neck pocket already routed. The neck fits the pocket, just the way you want it to. And it's already fretted for you. It's got a fully functional trust rod and you can set it up for really good playing action.

The controls are pre-wired, so all you have to do is solder the pickups and the output jack, to get the electronics working. The holes for the bridge and the tuners are pre-drilled, so it couldn't be easier to get your strings on and start playing. Now there are ways you can customize this. You can start by shaping the peg head any way you want, or my personal favorite, you get to choose the stain of your body. One easy way is to use aerosols and StewMac makes a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Another easy method is to add some color tones stain to some wipe on poly. You just brush it on by hand. If you get stuck, at any point, we include these really awesome instructions, they come with a lot of detailed photographs inside. And if you need more help than that, our support staff is on call for you anytime, like always. It's so easy, you can get it all done in one weekend.

Mini electric guitar kit choices

StewMac offers two choices of mini guitars kits. The S style and the T style, both small scale replicas of their big brothers. You're going to have a blast with these little guitars. So go for it, order one for yourself, order one for your kid. Start a mini guitar family band. The sky's the limit with these little things.



StewMac Tech Team

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