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"Moving around all over the stage, my sound doesn't change and I don't have to depend on standing in front of a mic. This Lyric is the best I've found so far."

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: LR Baggs Presents Handcrafted Video]

[up beat guitar music playing]

Ricky Skaggs: Well, my name is Ricky Skaggs, an older gentleman these days. For almost 54 years, I've been playing music, so it's not unusual to see something hanging around my neck or sitting on my lap like a guitar, any time of the day.

Ricky Skaggs' studio

Well, this is my studio where we're at today, and I love making music here. This is the most fun place. It's the most creative place that I think I've ever been in. There's just like almost a portal here, an openness of creativity. Everyone that comes in here loves to be here. They love to play here.

What music means to Ricky

Music is really art. I mean, it truly is. It's a gift. Making music for me, it's not just a commercial entity. It's an expression of my heart. It's an expression of my life, my feelings, my faith. It's just ... It's an expression of my love for mankind, and for friends and for people. But more than anything, it's my love for God.

I just can't remember a day without music and I couldn't imagine a day without music. This guitar is a PRS Angeles cutaway. I started working with Paul Reed Smith about almost six years ago, I guess, now. [Ricky is playing an acoustic guitar] He said, "I'm looking to get involved in making acoustic guitars and from all the scuttle butt out on the road, you're the go-to guy. You're the guy that knows about acoustic guitars." I thought, "I play mandolin."

Ricky's experience with the Lyric

I love this guitar, and I love working with Paul. He has a different way of carving the top. His tone bracing on the inside is different than anyone else's. Sworn to secrecy, I'd have to kill you if I told you. Well, I've been test driving the Lyric for about four months now. And in every environment, at a church, at a little club, a casino, I've played it with symphonies now. I've played it everywhere I can really play it. In every environment that I've been in, it's been great. No feedback, plenty of volume. My sound man has been very, very happy with it.

Moving around all over the stage, my sound doesn't change. I don't have to depend on standing in front of a mic. I love it. It's really worked for me and I think it could work for anybody out there. As bluegrass players, we are very critical of our instruments. Get a great instrument, get something that really, really sounds awesome, and then amplify that. This lyric is the best I've found so far.



Ricky Skaggs

Country and bluegrass singer, musician, producer and composer

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