Dan Erlewine's do-it-yourself neck shaping jig

youtube TWD-nsbUmmc

Issue 230 November 20, 2014

A different sort of Erlewine Neck Jig: Dan’s building guitars out of black walnut that he’s saved for forty years. For carving and shaping, he comes up with an easy-to-make jig to hold a neck at just the right working angle. It spins and tilts too!

About the guitar in this video: Dan’s building these electrics out of the same batch of black walnut he used to create Albert King’s “Lucy” guitar in 1971.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • Dan’s plywood neck holder.
  • A StewMac angle vise for tilt-and-rotate.
  • Holds and protects the neck while filing.
  • Super glue hardens screw threads cut into plywood.

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