Mini Grinder for Ultimate Scrapers Setup Instructions


Use the Mini Grinder for Ultimate Scrapers for sharpening your StewMac Ultimate Scrapers.

The mini grinding wheel is the correct diameter for maintaining the hollow-ground edge.

The second wheel is an abrasive fiber that's useful for cleaning and deburring metal parts.

Setup instructions

CAUTION! Inspect the wheel. Look for nicks, cracks or chips. Just like any full-size grinder, a damaged grinding wheel is dangerous.

Unplug the grinder during assembly and setup.

Install the eye shield. Fasten the metal bracket to the right-side wheel guard using two bolts with lock washers and nuts as shown.

Make sure the wheels are secure. Keep the wheel from turning by inserting a wedge of wood or thickly folded paper towel.

Use a 17mm or adjustable wrench to tighten the hex nuts, just past snug. There's no need to over-tighten; extreme tightening could crack the stone wheel.

Install the tool rest table. Insert the mounting bolt through the table mounting bracket on the right-side grinder table mounting tab. Make sure the 10mm nut and jam nut are tight before installing.

Position the table perpendicular to the axis of the wheel (shown in the illustration below). Tighten the adjustment bolt just enough so the table stays in place.

Set up to sharpen the Ultimate Scraper. With the scraper placed on the table, position the table so the grinding wheel meets the edge of the scraper at dead center. Tighten the mounting bolt so the table is held firmly in place.

Sharpening the Ultimate Scraper. With a magic marker, color the edge of the scraper. As you grind the edge, the disappearing marker ink shows where metal is being removed.

CAUTION: When powering-on any grinder, stand to the side until the wheel is safely up to speed. Always use the protective eye guard and wear eye and face protection.

Turn the grinder's speed control to the one o'clock position. Place the scraper on the table. In a smooth even motion, move the scraper edge across the wheel to grind the edge. Check your results by examining the magic marker. If you're correctly centered the grinding wheel, the marker ink will be removed at the center of the scraper edge. If you're too high or low, adjust the table and reapply the magic marker.

Raise the grinder speed to about the four o'clock position, and sharpen your scraper with smooth continuous motion across the grinding wheel.

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