How to Install a Handle on a Woodworking File

Ever wondered how to install a handle on a woodworking file? Oftentimes, if you buy aftermarket handles, the holes seem too small to fit on your files, rasps and chisels with exposed tangs. In this video, Brock installs a handle on one of our hand-cut dragon rasps with just a few minutes work. 

youtube eqGqCmgAbPE

Work smarter and safer

If your file just has a tang (like many high end files do), it's a good idea to add a handle for better and safer control.

You can make your own handle or use a pre-made one like we do in the video. 

With just a little drilling and heat, you'll turn your file into an heirloom tool. 


Brock is demostrating with a Dragon Hand-cut Rasp. These rasps are our favorite for neck shaping because the teeth are hand-struck which reduces wandering and chattering when carving. 

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