Swapping pickup covers on a rare lefty Lucille

youtube o36vU0baCFM

Issue 229 November 06, 2014

Making new pickups look old: Brand new pickups looked too shiny in this guitar that had seen a lot of gigs. So Dan Erlewine opened the old pickup and put its cover on the new one. This meant cutting the solder joint and resoldering.

About the guitar in this video: Frank, the owner of Blue Eagle Music is a left-handed guitarist. He was delighted to find this 1991 Gibson Lucille that someone had customized for a lefty.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • Removing a humbucker cover with a super fine-cut saw
  • Melting wax into a humbucker cover to dampen vibration
  • Soldering the old cover on a Parsons Street Humbucker

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