StewMac Telecaster Pickup Wiring Diagrams

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Standard Tele® Wiring

TT + 3W + VT

Standard Tele wiring diagram

Our Tele neck pickup is RWRP. StewMac pickups are designed to capture the tone and response of late '50s originals. Unlike vintage pickups, our Tele neck pickup is reverse-wound with reversed polarity magnets (RWRP). This gives you hum-cancelling output in the middle position of the 3-way switch.

Custom Tele® with series/parallel options

With Oak Grigsby 4-way switch #2002. TT + 4W + VT

Standard Tele wiring diagram

Setting your pickup height

Leave about 1/8" between the Low-E polepiece and the bottom of the string when fretted at the highest fret, and a 3/32" gap for the High-E. If single-coils are set too high, their magnetic pull on the wound strings can cause false notes.

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