Battery Box for Acoustic or Solidbody

Installation instructions for the acoustic or solidbody battery box.


Refer to the battery box cavity dimensions at right, and rout a hole in a solidbody guitar, or in the side of a hollowbody guitar.

Solidbody guitar
Drill a hole for the battery box wires, from the guitar's control cavity to the box cavity. Drill pilot holes for the battery box casing screws. Install the casing with the supplied screws, as shown at left (the outer plastic casing frame is not used for solidbody guitars).

Hollowbody guitar
Position the plastic casing frame inside the guitar. Install the battery box casing through the guitar side and attach it to the casing frame with the supplied screws, as diagrammed at right.

Route the battery box wires and push the swiveling battery box into place as shown in the diagram at right. The pins on the box snap into the holes in the casing. Trim and solder the wires into the guitar's control circuit. Install a 9-volt battery by following the steps shown below.

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