The ZerO Glide Replacement Nut System

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Improve your instrument's playability and sound with a ZerO Glide Nut. Your open strings will have a stronger, more resonant tone and you'll notice improved tuning stability.

Video Transcription

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Speaker 1: Question. How much are you willing to pay to have perfect intonation, more accurate tuning, even string tone and precision string action over the first fret?

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ZerO Glide Nut is not a new theory, but it is a new concept which allows the player to choose the benefits of the zero fret technology without investing into a new instrument. See, ZerO Glide requires no manipulation to your instrument, which means you can always switch back to a conventional nut. But I promise, you won't.

So how does it work? Choose the sizing guide to fit your instrument. ZeroGlides are made for all string instruments. Remove your conventional nut, fit the ZeroGlide and install with one of four fret heights, re-string, tune, and hear the difference in the ZerO Glide Nut Solution.

[on-screen text reads: ZerO Glide The Ultimate Nut Solution]

Customer reviews

[on-screen text reads: "I installed the nut on my Fender acoustic and wow!!!"]

[on-screen text reads: "Both kits installed successfully and the result is better than I imagined" - Viv Rose]

[on-screen text reads: "I recently purchased a ZerO Glide Nut... WORKS GREAT! EZ installation, easier tuning. Something so small made a big difference in my Frank Neat Banjo" - Ralph Clark]



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