StewMac Premium Solid Wood Tenor Ukulele Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions and bracing plans for our StewMac Premium Sold Wood Tenor Ukulele Kits.


These instructions were written for a kit that is no longer available, but you can still order many of the parts and supplies separately. See the Parts List in the instructions for details. StewMac has more Ukulele Kits to choose from: Shop Ukulele Kits

Welcome to ukulele building! If you’re a first-time builder, our ukulele kits are a great way to start. You’ll have fun and learn a lot.

A ukulele kit is an excellent way to get into instrument building. It can be built with basic tools. The design and construction is similar to an acoustic guitar, but faster and easier.

You’ll learn to brace the top, build the body, fret the neck and apply a simple finish. When you’re done, you’ll have a great sounding ukulele!

Solid Wood Tenor Ukulele Kit Instructions Cover

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