Do-It-Yourself Resophonic Guitar: Introduction

Al Rorick guides you through constructing a 1920's National Triolian-syle resophonic guitar while saving time and money.


• Constructing the body
• Making the neck
• Final assembly

StewMac originally printed a series of guitar construction articles in their catalogs back in 2000. Author of this article, Al Rorick, is part of the R&D team here at StewMac and enjoys building one of a kind instruments.

Al Rorick

"I have built a number of one-time-only instruments (called "one-offs" in the trade). This green guitar was inspired by this late '20s wood-bodied, yellow National Triolian. I came up with some short cuts that made it less expensive and easier to build, without sacrificing sound."

Al breaks the assembly process down into three steps:

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Introduction Do-It-Yourself Resophonic Guitar
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