Total Beginner Builds a Wilkinson Electric Guitar Kit!

If you've been thinking about building a guitar kit, but want something a bit higher end than the entry priced models, consider these Wilkinson Electric Guitar Kits

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These guitars are very simple to put together, and perfect for a first time DIY builder. Scott, our CFO, is completely new to woodworking, guitar making, and guitar playing. He built and finished his own guitar. If he can do it, chances are you can do it too!

About Wilkinson Electric Guitar Kits

More than your average kit—this is a super fun project that comes with top-shelf woods, hardware, and electronics. The neck and body fit together perfectly, and the woods are sanded and ready to build right out of the box.
With classic T-Style and S-Style shapes, custom hardware and pickups, and vintage and modern options, these guitars have the best of everything. No upgrades needed.

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