Electric Guitar Kit Builders Deluxe Tool Set - Set Neck

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Electric Guitar Kit Builders Deluxe Tool Set - Set Neck

Everything you need to build a set neck guitar like a pro
Building your first kit guitar? Do you want ALL of the right tools you'll need for a perfect, trouble-free, and fun build? We've got you covered. This deluxe set has all of the specialized tools you need to build your set-neck guitar like a pro.

This set is designed to help you build electric guitars with a set neck, where the neck is glued to the body, without screws or bolts. We also have tool sets for bolt-on necks like T-Style and S-Style kits.

With this set you can:

  • Glue in the neck
  • Install the hardware
  • Level and shape the frets
  • Drill all the holes you need with precision
  • Set up the guitar for perfect playability
  • Install the electronics

Not just for basic building! This deluxe set has everything you need to drill every hole, install electronics, find and fix high frets, and much more.

This set is the perfect set to get when you want to get deeper into building and repair. Not only will you have the right tools to build your kit, you'll have everything you need to tackle any project. It's like a full shop in a box.

Build your kit and start your lifelong journey
You don't need a workshop to have a great first experience building a guitar. With just a few specialized tools you'll make sure the really critical jobs are done right. We worked with customers and our internal team of experts to make this essential tool set has everything you need for a worry free build.

This set includes many of the same tools in our Electric Guitar Kit Builders Tool Set - Set Neck, but with key upgrades to make every job easier. Check out what you can do:

Setting the neck
Get a perfectly aligned, solid neck joint on the first try. With three Swivel Handle Clamps you'll be able to dial in the right pressure to make a strong, lasting neck joint. The clamps will keep the neck in the right place without slipping, sliding, or shifting while you glue the neck on.

Slotting the nut and bridge
The Nut Slotting Files are precisely made to help dial in the perfect setup at the nut (they work on saddle slots too!)

Leveling and shaping the frets
New frets will need a bit of leveling and shaping after they're installed, with the Radius Block you'll evenly level the frets and keep the radius true at the same time. The Double-edge Fret File has two sides so you can recrown your leveled frets quickly and easily. Much easier to use than a traditional three corner file, you'll quickly master getting your frets just right.

You can quickly find high frets with our original Fret Rocker. The four-sided precision straightedge make it easy to locate the problem fret anywhere on the neck. The Fretting Hammer lets you seat any frets that may have popped up. With the Micro-Mesh Foam Sanding Block, you'll polish the frets lightning fast and get your fret ends silky smooth.

Getting the precise measurements for a perfect build
An accurate ruler is the most important tool you'll own for building. When you are getting into building, the smallest details matter. Our Shop Rule is designed for working on guitars—it has precise measurements down to 1/64" for accurately measuring the height of nuts, saddles, pickups, and more. The back is a centering rule so you can locate the center of a neck or bridge saddle quickly and precisely.

The 2-in-1 Precision Straightedge makes it easy to evaluate neck straightness and if frets are level. The two sides let you evaluate different instruments or focus in on smaller sections of the fretboard. Your final setup will be much more precise with this professional quality tool. You'll also use this straightedge to know exactly where to set your neck angle.

And there's more! With this deluxe set you also get all of the tools for drilling precise holes (super important when building a kit), installing pickups, and more.

Installing hardware
We include our favorite Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set, which has 36 bits and attachments specifically for guitar hardware. All of those hard to find sizes of Phillips and flat-blade screwdrivers, Allen bits, socket adapter, wire brush, awl point, and screw starters are there in one handy case.

Next we include our Depth-stop Drill Bits in 1/16" and 5/64". These are perfect for installing tuners, truss rod cover screws, back plates, and more. The depth-stop makes sure you won't drill too deep. You never want to drill through the peghead!

The Guitar Nutdriver makes it super easy to install the most common tuners so they won't slip, and you won't scratch the plating when you are getting them set.

Installing electronics
To install all of your pickups, pots, and electronics you get the Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron. It's the right tool for connecting delicate guitar components. The fast, consistent heat and comfortable handle makes any wiring job easy. Next you get the essential Fine-gauge Wire Stripper. Wiring used in guitars is very tiny, and this stripper lets you remove just the insulation perfectly—you'll never mangle the wires again!

And we also include a super handy Razor Knife. This might be the most useful, simple tool you'll ever own! From cutting wires, laying out nut and saddle slots, and more—you'll find a new use for it every single day.

Start with great tools for great results
This set is so much more than a kit building set. This is your entry into the world of luthiery. When you build a guitar, you form a connection that's more than music, wire, and wood. Building an instrument with your own hands is a life changing experience, and having the right tools will make every build more fun, frustration-free, and a true joy.

This set includes:
3701 Micro-Mesh Foam Sanding Block
3000 Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set
1710 Depth-stop Drill Bit 1/16"
1712 Depth-stop Drill Bit 5/64"
0823 Nut Slotting File 0.013"
0828 Nut Slotting File 0.020"
0832 Nut Slotting File 0.035"
4895 Fretting Hammer
3770 Fret Rocker
4491 Double-edge Fret File
0413 Radius Sanding Block, 16" Radius
3704 Swivel Handle Clamp, set of 3
4004 2-in-1 Precision Straightedge, 12"-18" Combo
4905 StewMac Shop Rule
4878 Razor Knife
5890 Guitar Nutdrivers, 10mm
0502 Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron, 110-volt
1606 Fine-gauge Wire Stripper

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