Tele Jack Installation Tool Instructions

How to install or remove a Tele jack retainer clip with the Tele Jack Installation Tool.


Retainer Clip Installation

To install a retainer clip for a ferrule-type output jack (as used on a Tele® guitar), a 7/8"-diameter hole must be drilled in the guitar body to receive the ferrule and the clip. A slight chamfer (beveling) of the outer edge of the hole may be needed for proper seating of the ferrule.

Retainer clip installation
Set-up for clip installation

Disassemble the tool by unscrewing the bolt from the bottom piece. The tool is reversible. For installing an output jack retainer clip, be sure the tool's bolt head is in the recessed cavity of the tool's main body, as illustrated at right.

Place a pre-bent jack retainer clip over the bolt, with the bent "wings" of the clip oriented toward the main body of the tool. Screw the lower part of the tool onto the bolt, with the wide end toward the body of the tool. The lower part should be screwed on far enough for the bent clip to rest in the recess of the threaded piece, but not so far as to flatten the clip. Be sure the tool's O-ring is in place—it serves to protect the guitar's finish, and as a spacer to control the depth of the clip.

insert the tool

Insert the tool and the retainer clip into the guitar's mounting hole, until the O-ring contacts the guitar body.

Allen wrench

Using the supplied 5/16" allen wrench, tighten the bolt in the tool. We recommend using a wrench on the flat portions of the tool's main body to keep it from turning.

Tighten the bolt

Tighten the bolt only until the two parts of the tool come together. This will flatten the clip to make it "grab" the wall of the hole. Remove the tool by unscrewing the allen bolt and withdrawing both parts of the tool from the hole.

Removing a retainer clip

To remove a loose clip, reverse both parts of the tool as illustrated at right, and assemble it through the installed clip.

Removing retainer clip
Set-up for clip removal

The main body of the tool should be oriented so that the head of the allen bolt lies against its flat end; the recessed end should lie against the installed clip. Insert the bolt through the hole in the installed retainer clip.

guitar control cavity

From inside the guitar's control cavity, install the threaded piece, small end first, onto the bolt.

turn allen bolt

Turn the allen bolt until the threaded portion of the tool contacts the installed clip.

align tool notch

Align the tool's notch with the clip, and tighten the bolt. This will draw the retainer clip down into the recess of the tool, and allows removal of the clip without damaging the hole.

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