How to clean and lube dirty old guitar tuners

youtube AkeS8HDzCH0

Issue 213 March 27, 2014

Dirty tuners filled with dried gunk: Dan Erlewine's working on a guitar that's been sitting untouched for over fifty years. The tuners are too stiff to use, but he gets them going again by using heat, naphtha and an injection of lubricant. He makes a nifty little tuner-holder jig, too.

About the guitar in this video: This is a 1954 Gibson ES-175. It's only had one owner; he bought it new in '54, put it in a closet for fifty years and has just gotten it out to play again!

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • One-owner Gibson ES-175: fifty-four years in the closet takes its toll!
  • Reviving Kluson Deluxe tuners
  • Gentle heat followed by a naphtha bath washes them out
  • Why you shouldn't oil the tuners on the peghead

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