Bridge Pin Hole Repair Plugs

Bridge Pin Hole Repair Plugs, Ebony, Set of 6
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Bridge Pin Hole Repair Plugs, Rosewood, Set of 6
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Bridge Pin Hole Repair Plugs

Worn out bridge pin holes? Fix them fast!
These plugs are simple to install and they make for a solid, simple, and permanent repair.

A small but difficult repair
An acoustic bridge with a worn out bridge pin hole can be tough to fix. You can ream out the hole and use an oversize bridge pin, but this doesn't look great and it's not a realistic option for collectible instruments.

You can replace the bridge altogether, but it's an even more complicated repair, especially on vintage instruments. Plugging the problem hole and re-drilling is a great option, but making a perfectly tapered plug is a challenge. Once you make the plug, then comes the job of drilling through the center of the plug to accept the new pin—if your drill wanders by just a hair your pin spacing will look bad!

We've made it easy!
That's where these bridge hole repair plugs really shine. They're perfectly tapered and they have a pre-drilled center hole which makes the process of drilling for the new pin a breeze.

Installation is simple: clean up the problematic pin hole with a 5 degree reamer. Dry-fit the plug, using a razor knife to mark your plug height and depth. Trim your plug to size, glue in place, then wait for the glue to cure. Each plug has a 1/16" hole drilled through the exact center, which makes it easy to drill for the new pin. All you need to do is drill and chamfer the new hole, and then ream to fit the pin.

Tip! Drill the new hole in steps, starting with a 1/8" bit and then a 3/16", using a backer board to ensure the plug doesn't blow out inside the guitar.

These little plugs can save hours of time! Keep a handful around for your next bridge pin hole repair and you'll be glad you did.


  • 5 degree taper fits Waverly and many other pins
  • 1/16" center hole for easy re-drilling
  • Avoids more complicated repairs
  • Available in Ebony or Rosewood
  • Set of 6


  • Overall length: 1" (25.4mm)
  • Tapers from 0.262" to 0.172" (6.65mm to 4.37mm)
California Proposition 65 Warning
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