Temperature Controller for Side Bending

Temperature Controller for Side Bending, Controller only
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Temperature Controller for Side Bending, With bracket
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Temperature Controller for Side Bending

The brain of our Side Bending System, this is the perfect temperature controller for bending acoustic guitar sides—there's no more guesswork when the heat is on! It's fully programmable: you set the upper and lower temperature range for your heating blanket so you can easily adjust the temperature without fear.

Accurate temperature monitoring and control
For accurate bending you need a heating blanket and steel bending straps to help focus the steam and heat transfer. For safety, heating blankets must always be plugged into a temperature controller. Without proper heat control you risk scorching your side or worse.

The Temperature Controller includes a thermocouple probe that works with the controller's micro processor to provide precise control for consistent and repeatable bends. You get real-time temperature tracking—no more relying on inaccurate estimations or meat thermometers.

You can set the range from 0 to 400 or more. This is ideal for dialing in the temperature for different wood species or highly figured woods that require more care. It's perfectly suited for the 250-300 degree range that is recommended for most sides. 


  • Adjustable temperature limits for precise heat control
  • Thermocouple probe for temperature measurement
  • Measures in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Thermocouple probe accurate up to 400 degrees 
  • Assembled in our Ohio shop

6" x 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" (152.4mm x 82.55mm x 82.55mm)

This 110-volt AC electrical appliance has a U.S. standard Type B plug with two flat parallel prongs and a grounding pin.

An integral part of Side Bending System, we've created an optional custom mounting bracket and hardware to attach it to the Bender. It keeps the controller exactly where you need it to see and adjust the temperature during you bend.

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103467 Temperature Controller for Side Bending
Includes Temperature Controller, thermocouple probe, and power cord

102131 Temperature Controller with Bracket and Mounting Hardware
Includes everything in 103467 and mounting hardware: extruded aluminum bracket, top plate, thumbscrews, and square nuts and bolts

Introducing the most versatile bending system in the world
This professional Acoustic Guitar Side Bending System has EVERYTHING you need to start bending sides right out of the box. Not a home-built contraption that's been cobbled together, it's a robust luthier-designed machine. We've spent years refining it so you can spend your time building guitars, not jigs!

See why this is the next generation of side benders
From the complete system to temperature control to heating blankets, we've got you covered for all aspects of side bending.

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