Waverly Anniversary String Winder

Waverly Anniversary String Winder, String Winder in Ebony
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Waverly Anniversary String Winder, String Winder in Ivoroid
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Waverly Anniversary String Winder, String Winder in Dark Tortoise
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Waverly Anniversary String Winder

Pull this out of your guitar case and others will take notice!
With highly-polished brass, hand-crafted appointments, and silky smooth operation, the Waverly Anniversary String Winder is anything but ordinary.

Your prized instruments deserve more than a cheap string winder
The elegantly tapered handle and perfectly balanced weight make for a tool you won't want to put down (and friends won't want to give back!). It also works with small or large sized tuner buttons.

Celebrate 100 years of Waverly Tuning Machines
The Anniversary String Winder is manufactured using the same meticulous attention to detail as our Waverly Tuning Machines. Using only the finest materials and craftsmanship, Waverly has created a tool that completely changes the definition of what a string winder should be. You've got to feel it to believe it!

Ebony: this rich, genuine tonewood is carved and polished to a smooth finish. The naturally dark wood has colors of black, brown, and tan running through the grain.

Ivoroid: has a vintage look with subtle alternating bands of whites and creams. It resembles real ivory, but is a non-animal alternative.

Dark Tortoise: each string winder has completely unique coloring and pattern, just like hawksbill turtle shell. Held up to the light you'll see the contrasting brown and black coloring completely through the winder.

Both Ivoroid and Dark Tortoise are machined from Galalith, a dense and durable casein-based material that polishes beautifully.

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