Saddle Routing Carbide Bits - Set of 2

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Saddle Routing Carbide Bits - Set of 2

Want a perfect saddle slot?
We've put together a set of the right bits to cut a perfect saddle slot every time.

Cutting a saddle slot is one of the few places on guitars where there's virtually NO wiggle room for error—to get optimum tone transfer, the bottom of the slot needs to be dead flat.

When the saddle makes solid contact with the bridge it yields more volume, sustain, and transfers more energy to the soundboard.

Upcut bits are our favorite for this job. By design they funnel chips away from the bottom cutting surface and leave the bottom of the channel perfectly level and clean (and they work especially well on harder woods like ebony and rosewood).

The set includes these precision Upcut bits: Also sold separately
#5377: 1/8" dia. bit
Width: 1/8" (0.1250", 3.18mm)
Depth: 3/8" (0.375", 9.53mm)

#5376: 3/32" dia. bit
Width: 3/32" (0.0938", 2.38mm)
Depth: 1/4" (0.250", 6.35mm)

Use our Adapter Collet to fit these to your laminate trimmer or router.

Save when you buy the set!
The set includes the most common sizes used by Martin, Gibson, classical makers, and more. These are the right sizes to quickly cut a clean and flat saddle slot with straight walls.

Get the one set you need for a better fitting (and sounding) saddle!

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