StewMac Safe-T-Planer

StewMac Safe-T-Planer
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StewMac Safe-T-Planer, Replacement Cutters - set of 3
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StewMac Safe-T-Planer

Create smooth, planed surfaces using your drill press
Our Safe-T-Planer is the affordable way to add a planer to your shop. In your drill press, it planes wood to any thickness, leaving it smooth and ready for sanding.

Plane large or small pieces
The Safe-T-Planer cuts a path 2-3/4" wide. Large surfaces are handled by making multiple passes.

    Use the Safe-T-Planer for:
  • Solid guitar bodies
  • Necks and pegheads
  • Peghead overlays
  • Nut and saddle blanks
  • Fingerboards
  • Unjoined guitar tops and backs
  • Unbent guitar sides

High speed steel cutters
The Safe-T-Planer is machined from aluminum with a steel shank. Its three high-speed steel cutters are heat-treated for durability. Each cutter features a spare edge, to double the working life.

Fits most standard 1/2" drill press chucks. Comes with instructions, including how to make a simple plywood planing table for your drill press.

Replacement Cutters are sold in a set of 3. These cutters fit the StewMac Safe-T-Planer, and are not compatible with other brands.

Width of cut: 2-3/4" (69.85mm)
Cutter depth: 1/4" (6.35mm)
Overall diameter: 3-1/8" (79.38mm)

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm