Pearl Engraving Tools

Pearl Engraving Tools, Onglette graver
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Pearl Engraving Tools, Flat graver
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Pearl Engraving Tools, Square graver
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Pearl Engraving Tools, Wooden handle
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Pearl Engraving Tools

Hand-engraving transforms your inlays into art!

We have three different shapes for varying the width and depth of cut.
  • Onglette: for creating curves and fine lines
  • Flat: for lettering and lines
  • Square: for general engraving
Each steel graver is approximately 4" long.

Gravers are provided long, so the artist can cut them to the length that best fits their individual hand. As a rule of thumb, the tip of the graver should protrude about 1/4" beyond the hand while in use. The gravers can be cut off quickly by laying them on a wet shop towel and using a Dremel cut-off wheel. Keep wetting the towel so the graver stays cool during cutting so it will not lose its temper.

The wooden handle for the gravers has a small starter hole that needs to be enlarged to accept the tang of the graver.

After engraving, fill the incised cuts with Laskin's Engraving Filler to accent the pattern.

Our Essential Engraving Kit includes these gravers, extra handles, plus everything else you'll need to get started.
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