GluBoost GluDry Pinpoint + Extender Kit

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GluBoost GluDry Pinpoint + Extender Kit

Now no repair is impossible to reach! This kit is a must-have accessory for applying GluBoost GluDry Non-blushing Accelerator right where you need it—no matter where it is.

For acoustic guitars it's a real lifesaver when working through the soundhole or f-holes. GluBoost recommends it for cracks, bridge and brace repairs, anything where you need a better reach.

Spray the repair not the finish
The tubes/straws are essential when working on finished instruments. The focused spray hits the right spot every time with extreme precision, no more wasting sprays or completely coating the guitar in accelerator.

Two actuator knobs
Two 20" extender tubes (508mm)

Please note: The extender tubes and actuators are specifically designed for use with GluBoost GluDry Non-blushing Accelerator and may not fit other bottles.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm