StewMac Buffing Wheels

StewMac Buffing Wheels, 14" Domet, 1" shaft
14" Domet, 1" shaft Item # 3214 In stock, ready to ship!
StewMac Buffing Wheels, 14" Canton, 1" shaft
14" Canton, 1" shaft Item # 3215 In stock, ready to ship!
StewMac Buffing Wheels, 12" Domet, 3/4" shaft
12" Domet, 3/4" shaft Item # 3216 In stock, ready to ship!
StewMac Buffing Wheels, 12" Canton, 3/4" shaft
12" Canton, 3/4" shaft Item # 3217 In stock, ready to ship!
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StewMac Buffing Wheels

For a professional quality gloss
The best soft cotton wheels for buffing instruments to a mirror finish.

  • Gentle touch for instrument finishing.
  • Fluffy cotton fits into curves and crevices.
  • Pleated airways keep the wheels cool.
  • 16-ply flannel built on steel core.

Canton cotton is the most-used choice among instrument finishers. Canton flannel wheels fluff out to a wide, soft buffing surface that conforms to any shape. Ideal for all guitar finishes, as well as plastics and metals. (Metal blackens any wheel, so many shops save one wheel for metals only.)

Domet cotton is the very softest available. Use Domet flannel with fine compound to get an extra-high gloss. A versatile buffer setup uses Canton wheels on one side (Medium compound) and Domet on the other (Fine compound).

14"-diameter wheels fit the StewMac Buffing Arbor, with its sturdy 1"-diameter shaft.

12"-diameter wheels fit our old buffing arbor and other buffers with a 3/4"-diameter shaft.

Sold individually.

Important: Install two or more wheels per side to create wide buffs for instrument work. Don't mix different compounds on the same wheel.

These wheels are included with our Guitar Buffer Complete Outfit.

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