Guitar Electronics Master Tool Set

Guitar Electronics Master Tool Set, Domestic, 110-volt
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Guitar Electronics Master Tool Set, International, 220-volt
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Guitar Electronics Master Tool Set

Turn your most profitable job into your fastest job
For a busy shop, electronics jobs are one of your most consistent money makers. Having the right tools will make this everyday work faster, cleaner, and most importantly, more profitable. When you start working with a professional soldering outfit, these jobs will be more consistent than ever.

With these tools you can get serious about offering electronics repairs, complex amp modding, or building pedals.

Professional tools for professional results
More than just the basics, this Master Tool Set has the right tools you need for complex electronics jobs. The professional soldering station will give you fast, consistent, and controllable heat. You'll work confidently on anything from delicate PCBs to installing a new transformer in your amp. For working on amps, the absolutely essential SnufferStick will let you discharge deadly voltages in filter caps so you can be sure you are working safely.

The Solder Monster was developed by our team of guitar techs to be, without question, the best pair of extra hands ever. We struggled with other “helping hands” that would never actually help. The arms hold all your parts in the right place, allowing you to make your connections in a flash. Designed with the busy repair shop in mind!

This set pays for itself in just a few jobs
Add up all of the pickup swaps, replaced output jacks, swapped pots and caps, and dead switches you've changed for customers in a month—now think about how much time you just getting set up before you even got the iron hot! You can do these jobs faster with the right tools!

You'll save hours once you start using with these pro-quality tools and make quick work of even the most difficult wiring jobs.

Plus—we've also discounted this set so you can save money while getting everything you need.

Tools you'll have for life—backed by our lifetime promise
Since 1968, we've stood by the products we sell. After one year or ten, our industry best warranty let's you know that we're here to support you every step of the way. Our techs swear by these tools, we know you'll love them too.

Here is what you receive in this Master Set:

  • 0531 Solder Monster—This baby has it all! Four completely adjustable 17" arms that will reach deep into control cavities, amp chassis or anywhere you need them, it also vents away toxic fumes, and even conveniently stores all your wires and tools. Once you use our Solder Monster you will wonder how you ever got along without it.
  • 1552 SnufferSticker—The most important tool when you are working on amps. Now you can safely discharge the potentially deadly voltages in the amp's filter caps before you work on it.

Also included from the Deluxe Set:

  • 0501 SL-30 Soldering Station—Does what your pencil iron won't. Choose the heat you need for delicate jobs like PCBs or big jobs like soldering to pots. Works for lead-free solder too. (0601 220-volt in International set)
  • 3620 Multimeter—Quickly determine what problems you need to fix. Knowing the voltages you need will keep you from electrocuting yourself when working on amps, but will also let you find a broken circuit, determine pickup output, and find the status of diodes in amps and effects.
  • 103460 Delta 60/40 Solder—Two packs of our favorite solder—enough to rewire a few guitars and pedals. (103461 Lead-free Solder in International Set)
  • 1606 Fine-Gauge Wire Stripper—The wiring in guitars and pedals are smaller than what most hardware store strippers can strip effectively. The strippers cleanly and easily strip the wires for faster jobs.
  • 0521 Soldering Aids—These hold a wire in place to solder or de-solder, and move wires around in a cramped control cavity. Never burn your fingers again.
  • 0503 Solomon Solder Sucker—This easy to use tool removes excess solder and quickly clears lugs for better connections.
  • 1609 Round-nose Bending Pliers—These pliers let you pre-bend your wires to shape for an efficient and simple installation.
  • 1607 Wire Cutter—This cutter will give you precise cuts for easier installations.
  • 5121 Curved Jaw Wiring Hemostat—The hemostat holds the wires securely in place for easier solder jobs, and won't cause a bad connection by crimping the delicate wires. .
  • 0504 Solder Wick—You can use the Solder Wick to remove excess solder with just heat.
  • 0520-CU Alligator Clip Heat Sinks—Don't burn delicate parts! These copper clips help draw away heat for safer installations.
  • 1610 Long Nose Needle Pliers—This tool fits into tight cavities to hold down or remove wires when soldering so you won't burn yourself.

Turn your guitar shop into a full service amp and electronics shop!

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