Wiring Hemostats

Wiring Hemostats, Straight jaw
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Wiring Hemostats, Curved jaw
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Wiring Hemostats

Everybody loves hemostats for soldering. We've made ours even better, with smooth jaws that won't crimp delicate components and insulation.

Originally for use in surgery, hemostats are lightweight grabbers/holders with one-handed lock and release grips. We've improved on this favorite by making them with smooth jaws for wiring work. Ours don't crimp a zig-zag pattern into wires and heated insulation the way standard hemostats do.

They help draw heat away from delicate insulation (and your fingers), and let you get into hard-to-reach control cavities.

We offer the familiar straight jaw style and a curved jaw version that's handy for hard-to-reach recesses in guitar bodies.

Each is 6" long, made of quality stainless steel.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm