Fret Pulling Tool Set

Fret Pulling Tool Set, Domestic, 110-volt
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Fret Pulling Tool Set, International, 220-volt
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Fret Pulling Tool Set

The ultimate set for pulling frets safely
Here's everything you need to pull frets, stop chips, and do the job the right way.

Pulling frets is a tricky job without the right tools. You can mangle a fretboard and make more work in a hurry. To make this job easier, our techs assembled this problem-solving set of pro tools that our customers swear by. Now you can tackle any fret job with confidence and precision.

The Fret Pulling Set includes:

StewMac Precision Fret Puller Also sold separately
Our Precision Fret Pullers are meticulously ground to our specifications. The outer face is ground and polished to be flush with the fingerboard and glide under the fret crown edge. The inner jaw tips are ground to a 45-degree angle to gently nudge the fret free of its slot as the jaws close. By carefully exerting less force on the fret wire, the smoother action eliminates unwanted chipping, especially if you've loosened the glue a bit with a warm soldering iron.

Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron Also sold separately
The iron heats up to 400 degrees fast and is extremely consistent. The handle is comfortable and the smaller sizes makes it easy to maneuver when using pullers or heating frets. Our Fret Heater fits on just like a replacement tip.

It's also our favorite soldering iron! The stainless steel shank is a step above other soldering irons, and the cushioned grip makes it easy to get the right amount of heat exactly where you need it. Available in domestic (110-volt) or international (220-volt) models.

StewMac Fret Heater Also sold separately
Our Fret Heater is a custom tip for Solomon SR-965 soldering irons. Just like a replacement tip, it slips on and is ready to go. The tip is made of copper for fast heat transfer and features grooves for narrow-medium and wide-jumbo fret sizes. The special shape also helps to keep the tip on the fret without slipping off and burning the fretboard, which can happen with a regular tip.

Chip Stoppers, Set of 2 Also sold separately
Chip Stoppers press down on the fingerboard as fret pullers take frets out. You get fewer chips, and cleaner refrets. Too bad we didn't think of this twenty years ago—imagine the hours we all would have saved!

#2307 Fret Pulling Set is a 110-volt AC electrical appliance, 60Hz. It has a U.S. standard Type A plug with two flat parallel prongs, ungrounded.

#2308 Fret Pulling Set, International is a 220-volt AC electrical appliance, 50Hz. It has an international plug Type C (Europlug) with two round prongs, ungrounded.

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