Resin Brace Gluing Wedge

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Resin Brace Gluing Wedge

Our revolutionary tool in a new material
Not only does it make a tricky job much easier, now it’s simple to modify and disposable too.

Our machined brass Brace Gluing Wedge is one of our favorite tools. Designed by our own Dan Erlewine, it makes repairing a loose brace a fast and simple repair. It gently opens the gap under an acoustic guitar brace and injects glue right where you need it. Before this tool we could never find a reliable and clean way to do this very common job.

This new version is 3D-printed from resin. It's strong, but also easy to modify. You can shape the angle to get just the right shape and thickness to get under any brace. And, since it's so affordable, there's no need to worry about removing any old glue between repairs. Just grab a fresh and clean one for each job.

It features a custom made shape to fit your hand, and uses a replaceable plastic pipette as a glue reservoir. Simply squeeze the bulb to inject glue through a groove on the bottom of the wedge.

  • Works for most brace sizes and bridge plates
  • Includes 3 pipettes, simply trim to length Also sold separately
  • Easy to modify
  • Disposable, no need to clean

Busy shop? Get the original
Our brass version of this tool is made for a lifetime of heavy use. If you find yourself doing this common repair frequently, you'll love the durability of the original.

Glue not included. Not for use with super glues.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm