Original Small, Guitar Repair Palette Knife

Original Small, Guitar Repair Palette Knife
Original Small, Guitar Repair Palette Knife Item # 4728 In stock, ready to ship!
Guitar Repair Palette Knives, Set of 7
Guitar Repair Palette Knives, Set of 7 Item # 4736
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Original Small, Guitar Repair Palette Knife

The RIGHT tool for safely removing bridges, fingerboards, braces, and more. This is like our Original Large, Guitar Repair Palette Knife, but smaller for more control. This is StewMac's Research Engineer Elliot John-Conry's favorite palette knife for bridge removal. The longer reach makes it ideal for fingerboard removal too. Combine it with our Extra Long, Guitar Repair Palette Knife to create a controlled wedge effect for tough separations.

The steel blade has a comfortable wood handle and versatile shape for removing a bridge, pickguard, or fingerboard extension from an instrument. The tapered blade helps separate glue seams easily.

The blade tapers to an extremely thin and fine point, easily getting into any tight space. It's also flexible, so the blade stays down while you hold the handle safely away from the guitar body. Not only is the blade flexible, it's also very sturdy.

Blade length: 3-7/8" (98.42mm)
Blade thickness: tapers 0.044" to 0.020" (1.11mm - 0.50mm)
Blade width: 1-3/8” (34.9mm)

This knife has a polished stainless steel blade and solid wood handle with smooth black finish.

Unlimited uses in the shop
These are super handy! Once our crew got a hold of our early samples, they took them and wouldn't give them back. They found hundreds of uses for them in their shop—everything from getting glue in tight spots, opening a crack, and anything where you need a little more precise control and extended reach.

4736 Set of all 7 Palette Knives
Luthiers loved our Bridge/Fingerboard Removal Knife, but wanted a variety of shapes and sizes to use for different repairs. We listened and found 7 new palette knives that work perfectly for guitar work. Each of the new palette knives has a different shape and feel, so you can find exactly the right one for the job you are doing.

Get all of our palette knives in one convenient package. Each knife has many uses—you'll constantly find a new use from bridge, brace, and fingerboard repairs, mixing paints, stains, epoxies, and more. They're easy to modify for a custom tool too.

Set includes:

For Bridge/Fingerboard removal
4514 Original Large Also sold separately
4726 Rounded Edge Also sold separately
4727 Diamond Also sold separately
4728 Original Small Also sold separately

For precise tasks
4515 Narrow Large Also sold separately
4516 Narrow Small Also sold separately
4729 Extra Long Also sold separately

Each knife has a polished stainless steel blade and solid wood handle with smooth black finish.

When using palette knives, warm the glued area first to help soften the bond. Be careful not to use a hot knife around finish.

For repair situations when a hot knife is needed, you can heat the knife with a heat gun, heat blanket, or with hot water in a glue pot.

Get the perfect simple tools for complicated repairs.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm