Benedetto Binding Scraper Handle

Benedetto Binding Scraper Handle
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Benedetto Binding Scraper Handle

Designed by Bob Benedetto and available exclusively from StewMac—finally a precise way to scrape binding with excellent control. No more fumbling with a sharp blade!

Beautiful binding is the hallmark of fine guitar craftsmanship. Scraped binding has sharp, clean lines that masked binding just can't match. But there's one problem—scraping binding is tricky and potentially dangerous! One small slip with the blade can mean a terrible gouge and a tricky repair.

A better (and safer) way
Master luthier Bob Benedetto found a simple solution: a custom scraper handle to expose just the right amount of blade you need. And the handle gives you more comfort and control around the tricky curves of a guitar body. Now even beginners can scrape binding without worry. The polished brass handle has a great feel in the hand and looks amazing too!

Fits our Binding Scraper
Already have our Binding Scraper? This handle was made to fit it perfectly. Just drop it in, adjust the blade, and tighten the thumbscrews. Need the scraper too? Get the set!

4" x 11/16" x 1/2" (101.6mm x 17.48mm x 12.7mm)
Fits blades up to 0.065" thick (1.65mm)

Tip from Bob: To help avoid the risk of damaging the color coat, spray one coat of clear lacquer over the color before handling and scraping the guitar.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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