StewMac Binding Scraper

StewMac Binding Scraper
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Benedetto Binding Scraper Handle
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Benedetto Binding Scraper Handle, Handle with Scraper
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StewMac Binding Scraper

The secret to clean, professional looking bindings
Use this scraper to remove color from bindings before spraying your topcoats. You get clean sharp edges with this perfectly shaped tool.

The angled tip gets into tight places and the knife edge handles bindings of any size. A rounded safe edge makes the blade comfortable to grip.

The great finishing and restoration expert Tom Murphy demonstrates this scraper in our Trade Secrets video #200. Tom shows clearly why masking the binding can never equal the clean results of scraping.

Easy to sharpen
Simply draw the blade across a flat file to keep it sharp, as shown in the Trade Secrets video.

Made of spring steel.

Need a better grip?
Master luthier Bob Benedetto designed the Benedetto Binding Scraper Handle for this blade. Just drop it in and tighten the thumbscrews—you've instantly got better control and grip.

7" x 15/32" (178mm x 11.91mm) long
0.050" (1.27mm) thick

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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