Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads

Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads, 2" x 2" Set of 9
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Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads, 3" x 4" Set of 9
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Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads

Extra-gentle hand polishing for high-gloss finishes. Each pad features Micro-Mesh® resilient abrasive on both sides of a foam center. The cushioning allows gentle polishing of finished surfaces to a mirror gloss.

The set of nine pads includes #1500, 1800, 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, and 12000 grits. Use the grits in sequence to achieve a super gloss. Colors may vary. 

Micro-Mesh features tiny abrasive crystals on resilient cloth-backed latex. These gentle "cushioned" particles generate less heat and friction than ordinary finishing papers, don't load up as quickly, and last up to 15 times longer.

Use Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads with a little soapy water as a lubricant to produce a scratch-free mirror shine (avoiding soaking the pads in water when not in use). We use these regularly in our own shops for finish touch-ups and repairing scratches on pickguards. Use them on for polishing frets, too.

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