Electric Guitar Kit Builders Tool Set - Set Neck

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Electric Guitar Kit Builders Tool Set - Set Neck

The right tools for your first build
Building your first kit guitar? Not sure what tools you need to build it? No need to worry. We have everything you need in this one set. This essential set works with our LP-Style and 335-Style kits, as well as other similar style kits.

This set is designed to help you build electric guitars with a set neck, where the neck is glued to the body, without screws or bolts. We also have tool sets for bolt-on necks like T-Style and S-Style kits.

With this set you can:

  • Glue in the neck
  • Install the hardware
  • Level and shape the frets
  • Set up the guitar for perfect playability

You don't need a workshop to have a great first experience building a guitar. With just a few specialized tools you'll make sure the really critical jobs are done right. We worked with customers and our internal team of experts to make sure this essential tool set has everything you need for a worry free build.

Setting the neck
Gluing the neck to the body does not need to be scary! With three Swivel Handle Clamps you'll be able to dial in the right pressure to make a strong, lasting neck joint. The clamps will keep the neck in the right place without slipping, sliding, or shifting while you glue the neck on.

Slotting the nut and bridge
The Nut Slotting Files are precisely made to help dial in the perfect setup at the nut (they work on saddle slots too!).

Leveling and shaping the frets
The pre-installed frets on your kit will need a bit of leveling and shaping. With the Radius Block you can quickly and precisely level the frets and accurately maintain the fingerboard radius at the same time. The Medium 3-Corner Fret Dressing File is Dan Erlewine's favorite fret crowning file! This custom file is perfect for shaping the tops of your frets for buzz-free playability. The Fretting Hammer lets you seat any frets that may have popped up.

Getting the precise measurements for a perfect build
An accurate ruler is the most important tool you'll own for building. When you are getting into building, the smallest details matter. Our Shop Rule is designed for working on guitars—it has precise measurements down to 1/64" for accurately measuring the height of nuts, saddles, pickups, and more. The back is a centering rule so you can locate the center of a neck or bridge saddle quickly and precisely.

Invest in making your new guitar play great
With a little patience anyone can build a great guitar! Building an instrument with your own hands is a life changing experience, and having the right tools will make every build more fun, frustration-free, and a true joy.

This set includes:
0823 Nut Slotting File 0.013"
0828 Nut Slotting File 0.020"
0832 Nut Slotting File 0.035"
4895 Fretting Hammer
1602 3-Corner Fret Dressing File, Medium-cut
0413 Radius Sanding Block, 16" Radius
3704 Swivel Handle Clamp, set of 3
4905 StewMac Shop Rule

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