ZerO Glide Stainless Steel Zero Frets, Set of 3

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ZerO Glide Stainless Steel Zero Frets, Set of 3

Upgrade! ZerO Glide now available in stainless steel

By player demand—ZerO Glide now offers stainless steel zero frets. Stainless offers improved durability, critical for a zero fret. You can easily install these frets in your existing Zero Glide nut, or add them to a new installation.

Each set comes with three fret inserts to match the size of your frets. Available in 0.038", 0.051", and 0.058" crown height.

Better tuning and tone
The zero fret reduces string contact in the nut by 93%. Strings glide freely on the polished fret, and return to tune fast and reliably.

Fretboard radius is not an issue: choose the ZerO Glide that fits your guitar, and the zero fret flexes to conform to your fretboard.

Frets only, see our ZerO Glide page to see all your options.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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