Tortoloid Diamond

Tortoloid Diamond, 5mm (13/64")
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Tortoloid Diamond, 6mm (15/64")
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Tortoloid Diamond, 11.5mm (29/64")
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Tortoloid Diamond, 14.5mm (37/64")
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Tortoloid Diamond

A new look from traditional inlays
Made from Tortoloid, these precision-cut inlays add a custom touch to any build.

These inlays have the same diamond shape used by Martin and others, but are made from beautiful Tortoloid. Each inlay is computer-cut for reliably consistent sizes and perfectly notched-diamond shapes. They're also a practical choice: you'll save time and money with more consistent results.

As unique as a snowflake
Each inlay has a unique pattern, swirl, and figure similar to pearl inlays—no two look exactly the same. Tortoloid makes the perfect inlay material, it's highly durable and resists shrinkage.

What's special about these inlays is the thin sheet of gold foil on the back. This highlights the pattern, and makes the inlay visible even on the darkest fingerboards. The subtle touch gives these inlays a depth that other inlays can't match.

Approximately 0.070" (1.77mm) thick, and ready to inlay. Sold individually.

We recommend epoxy or super glue for installing all our inlays and side dots.

Inlay filler colors can be mixed with epoxy for matching fretboard woods. They look great in Rosewood, Ebony, and Maple too.

What is Tortoloid?
Tortoloid is a handsome material which uses poured resins and dyes to reproduce the color and 3-dimensional depth of antique Hawksbill tortoise shell. Luthier Mario Proulx developed this material using antique guitar picks for sampling the colors and refining the patterns.

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