Bent Herringbone Purfling, Set of 2

Bent Herringbone Purfling, Set of 2, Dreadnought Shape
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Bent Herringbone Purfling, Set of 2, OM/000 Shape
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Bent Herringbone Purfling, Set of 2

Do you want to install beautiful purfling but don't have the time to bend it to shape? Using our Bent Herringbone Purfling will save you tons of time and will give your work the clean, professional look you demand without the frustration.

The look of herringbone purfling is beautiful, but can be tricky to work with! It's fussy to bend, and can delaminate and twist with only a little moisture and heat. This can be a real pain since you need to get each piece to fit perfectly in the channel to prevent gaps.

We accurately bend each piece to shape in our shop so they're ready to go on your guitar right out of the box.

Authentic 28 Style
This herringbone purfling features the authentic and iconic Style-28 Martin specs for that signature vintage appearance, made with laminated black fiber and natural unstained light wood.

Available in dreadnought and OM/000 shapes, sets of 2.
Approximate dimensions for dreadnought and OM/000:
0.140" wide x 0.065" thick x 32” long (3.56mm x 1.59mm x 813mm)

Add a touch of class and vintage vibe to your builds!

Not building a dreadnought or OM? Need unbent purfling? See our straight Herringbone Purfling, ready for you to bend to your own custom shape.

We also have matching pre-bent Herringbone Soundhole Rosettes that are to ready to install.

TIP: Dimensions are approximate. For proper fit, wood purflings should be measured directly before routing the channels on your instrument.

See our detailed instructions on routing a "stairstep" channel around the soundboard, gluing the purflings and their surrounding bindings in place, and scraping them flush.

California Proposition 65 Warning
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