Cigar Box Guitar Kit

The perfect first project for beginners and pros!

  • Build it in a weekend! Includes all the parts, hardware, and electronics you need.
  • Minimal tools needed: We've taken care of the tricky parts like routing and shaping.
  • We're here to help: Includes illustrated step-by-step instructions from opening the box to final setup.
  • No-fail guarantee: New to building? Our world class tech support and Lifetime Promise are here to ensure your build turns out perfect.
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Cigar Box Guitar Kit

With its rustic looks and totally one-of-a kind sound, the cigar box guitar has been capturing the imagination of players for decades. Blurring the line between guitar and resonator, strap it on and you have a totally new voice without having to learn a new instrument.  

Beloved by Paul McCartney and players from all genres, this three-string instrument was the world's first DIY electric guitar. We've continued that legacy by taking this kit to the next level—we've upgraded the woods and electronics, but kept the humble and uncomplicated vibe that makes these guitars so great. 

More than a one trick pony
While it looks like a completely different instrument, it has a secret: this cigar box guitar has a standard 24-5/8" scale length and fret spacing, just like a standard guitar. In just a few minutes you'll be playing your favorite songs with a completely different tone.

And you can play it fretted or with a slide—the choice is yours. The three strings make it easy to get great slide tones and voicings without learning a new technique.

Pro playability with a homemade soul
We captured the raw and unpretentious look of a classic cigar box guitar, but totally upgraded the parts, playability, and sound. The box is expertly crafted for you from clear pine, and the mahogany neck is shaped, fretted, and inlaid—with just a minor setup you're ready to play.

Instead of a makeshift pickup, we choose a full-sized P-90 for a full and familiar tone. It's warm and delicate when you want it, and absolutely screams when you turn up the volume. To keep the homemade heritage we used a simple floating bridge with a bolt as a saddle. Not only does it capture the vintage look, it adds some bite to the tone.

First-time builder? You've got this
You don't need a workshop to build this guitar—and there's a good chance you already own the tools you'll need. We've taken care of the tricky parts: the neck is fretted, the body is built, it's ready for the custom details to make it your own truly unique guitar.

With minimal prep you're ready to apply the finish. To make it even easier we've already wired the pot—just a few solder joints and you're done!

Not only that, this kit comes with our step-by-step, beginner-friendly instructions and our world class support—techs are standing by to answer any questions you have along the way.

Your kit includes everything you'll need:

  • Finely sanded mahogany neck
  • Sanded clear pine body
  • Body, neck and tail blocks routed
  • Fretted and inlaid neck with 2-way truss rod installed
  • Standard 24-5/8" (625mm) scale length
  • Pre-slotted nut
  • All hardware included—from tuners to strap button
  • P-90 pickup in the neck
  • Pre-wired pot
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