ColorTone Wipe-On Poly Finishing Set

ColorTone Wipe-On Poly Finishing Set
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ColorTone Wipe-On Poly Finishing Set
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ColorTone Wipe-On Poly Finishing Set

Nowhere to spray? No problem!
Now you can finally get a beautiful finish with no spray equipment at all.

If you've never finished a guitar before, this is a great place to start. Wipe-On Poly is easy to apply, low odor, and the finish is hard and durable. It also dries fast, perfect when you don't have a dedicated spray or drying area.

Let's face it, finishing is the hardest part for most builders. Not only do you need specialized equipment—you have to have somewhere to spray the finish. If you have a small shop or work from home, this can be impossible. Now with the ColorTone Wipe-On Poly Finishing Set you can get a beautiful finish in any space.

With over 20 different ColorTone Liquid Stains to choose from, you can turn your Wipe-On Poly into any color. Vintage, modern, or totally unique—it's easy to get the exact color you've been dreaming of.

Everything you need from wood prep to finishing
A great-looking finish starts with careful wood preparation. Included in this set is our Wood Prep Sandpaper Set that has 4 different grits of sandpaper and two sanding blocks to easily get a flat surface for a flawless finish.

The ColorTone Wipe-On Poly Finishing Set includes:

ColorTone Wipe-On Poly Finish Also sold separately
Easy to apply with a soft cloth or foam brush, Wipe-On Poly makes it simple to apply a durable, low odor, and fast drying finish. It's ideal for a first-time finisher—one bottle is enough to complete one full-sized guitar. 8-ounce bottle.

ColorTone Powdered Grain Filler, Mahogany Also sold separately
The best choice for filling and leveling the pores of open-grain woods (like rosewood, ash, mahogany, and more) before finishing. The filler won't shrink or crack, and it dries fast and sands easily. The resealable pouch has plenty of filler to complete your build. 6-ounce pouch.

3M Gold Fre-Cut Sandpaper Also sold separately
This special sandpaper has aluminum oxide abrasive that cuts fast, resists clogging and it's treated to help prevent "fisheyes" (cratering) in finishes. You'll completely sand a body from start to finish with this set. Eight sheets, 2 of each grit: 150, 220, 320, and 400.

Micro-Mesh Foam Sanding Block Also sold separately
This flexible block has some "give" to get into cutaways, headstock curves, and other hard to reach areas.

Sanding Block for Self-adhesive Sandpaper Also sold separately
Get a perfectly level, flat surface using this dense block. The slick side is great for attaching sandpaper with double stick tape so you won't have any corners to scratch the surface.

With is set you've got everything you need to finish your instrument in "natural" to show off the wood grain. It's easy to add a stain to finish your guitar in any color you want.

Love Cherry Red? Get the set with stain included
This classic color looks great on any guitar! With the 2-ounce bottle of stain you can experiment and find the exact shade of Cherry that works for your build.

Looking for a different color?
Get the Wipe-On Poly Finishing Set without stain and pick the ColorTone Liquid Stain you want for your build.

Make it shine! Use our ColorTone Hand Polishing Set to give your build that beautiful factory gloss by hand—no special equipment needed.

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