Cry Baby True Bypass Pedal Mod

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Cry Baby True Bypass Pedal Mod

Don't let one pedal ruin your tone!
Make your Cry Baby true bypass for a clearer tone.

Nothing is worse than the dreaded "tone suck". This is when your pedals muffle and change your tone when they are OFF! Cry Baby wahs are notorious for this—plug yours in and you'll instantly lose highs, dynamics, and clarity.

You don't need a new pedal. Mod your Cry Baby and fix it forever!
It's easier than you think to get your tone back. With this mod you'll install a true bypass switch, removing the buffer that colors your tone. Now when the pedal is off, your tone will be exactly how you want it.

It's more than just a schematic
We include step-by-step instructions for this mod with detailed pictures. Each step is fully illustrated in color with close-up views of every solder joint, component placement, and lug location.

And we even include directions on how to solder! If you get stuck, give our techs a call—we'll walk you through it.

Start making and modding pedals
We've picked all of the right components to give you the best sound quality and reliability you need when tweaking your pedals. Take your first step into modding (and making) pedals and start customizing your sound.

Cry Baby True Bypass Pedal Mod includes:

Note: This mod is designed to work only with Dunlop Cry Baby wah pedals from 1990 or later. It will not work with more recent Cry Baby wahs with ribbon-style switch connections. Please check your pedal before purchase.

Cry Baby® is a registered trademark of Dunlop Manufacturing Inc.

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