StewMac Pickups for Tele

StewMac Pickups for Tele, Neck Position, Chrome Cover
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StewMac Pickups for Tele, Bridge Position
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StewMac Pickups for Tele

Inspired by timeless tones but built for today's player—StewMac Pickups will finally get you the Telecaster twang you've been missing.

The new standard for replacement pickups
Many stock Tele pickups can be weak and muddy, and hold your tone back. Ours are built with Alnico 5 magnets—just like the ones that forged rock, country and blues. These are what should have come in your guitar!

The Alnico 5 magnets produces a clear tone with more pronounced highs and a tighter low end. It's the ideal balance for shimmering clean tones and bold overdriven sounds that don't get lost in the mix. The vintage dimensions allow easy installation in countless bodies.

Neck postion specifications

  • Medium output single-coil pickup
  • Polepiece spread: 1.937" (49.2mm)
  • Poly-coated Formvar 43 AWG coil wire
  • Potted to suppress noise
  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • Flat top chrome cover
  • Vintage-style wood screws for mounting to the bottom of the pickup cavity
  • Push-back cloth-insulated lead wires

Bridge position specifications

  • Medium output single-coil pickup
  • Polepiece spread: 2.125" (53.9mm)
  • Vintage-style raised D and G polepieces
  • Poly-coated Formvar 42 AWG coil wire
  • Potted to suppress noise
  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • Copper-plated steel baseplate
  • Push-back cloth-insulated lead wires

Neck postion

  • Output: 7K range
  • Polarity: South
  • Winding: Reverse (RWRP)

Bridge postion

  • Output: 6.5K range
  • Polarity: North
  • Winding: Standard

Neck position dimensions

  • Length including mounting tabs: 3.12" (79.2mm) 
  • Mounting screw spacing: 2.80" (71.12mm)
  • Width including flatwork: 0.81" (20.6mm)
  • Flatwork: 0.062" (1.57mm) top and bottom thickness

Bridge position dimensions

  • Length: 2.88" (73.2mm)
  • Width including flatwork: 1.47" (37mm)
  • Rear mounting screw spacing: 1.73" (43.9mm)
  • Flatwork: Bottom thickness 0.093" (2.38mm), top thickness 0.062" (1.57mm)

Mounting screws, compression tubing, and wiring diagrams are included.

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