Oak Grigsby 6-way Lever Switch

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Oak Grigsby 6-way Lever Switch

Unlock new tones from your Strat®!
With an additional switch position you'll explore all new pickup options on your favorite guitar.

While it looks like an ordinary 5-way switch, this clever switch has a sixth position for extra wiring options. If you have a three pickup guitar like a Strat, you can finally combine your neck and bridge pickups for a Tele-like sound.

This high-quality switch is made to exacting standards by Oak Grigsby for a lifetime of use. The 10 lugs are pre-tinned to make installation easy.

Fitting to your pickguard: The switch fits the standard mounting screw footprint of 1-5/8" (41.27mm), but you'll need to lengthen the slot slightly to an overall length of 1-19/64" (33.02mm). We've found that needle files or our 0.075" nut file do this job with ease.

Each switch includes:
2 knobs, black and white
Mounting screws

Body cavity depth required: 1-3/8" (34.93mm)
Mounting screw spacing: 1-5/8" (41.28mm)
Lever stem: 0.050" x 0.195" (1.27mm x 4.95mm)
Pickguard slot required: 1/16" x 1-19/64" (1.59mm x 33.02mm)

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