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Oak Grigsby 6-way Lever Switch

Oak Grigsby 6-way Lever Switch

Oak Grigsby 6-way Lever Switch

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Oak Grigsby 6-way Lever Switch

About This Item

Unlock new tones from your Strat®!
With an additional switch position you'll explore all new pickup options on your favorite guitar.

While it looks like an ordinary 5-way switch, this clever switch has a sixth position for extra wiring options. If you have a three pickup guitar like a Strat, you can finally combine your neck and bridge pickups for a Tele-like sound.

This high-quality switch is made to exacting standards by Oak Grigsby for a lifetime of use. The 10 lugs are pre-tinned to make installation easy.

Fitting to your pickguard: The switch fits the standard mounting screw footprint of 1-5/8" (41.27mm), but you'll need to lengthen the slot slightly to an overall length of 1-19/64" (33.02mm). We've found that needle files or our 0.075" nut file do this job with ease.

Each switch includes:
2 knobs, black and white
Mounting screws

Body cavity depth required: 1-3/8" (34.93mm)
Mounting screw spacing: 1-5/8" (41.28mm)
Lever stem: 0.050" x 0.195" (1.27mm x 4.95mm)
Pickguard slot required: 1/16" x 1-19/64" (1.59mm x 33.02mm)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Product Instructions

6-Way Oak Grigsby Lever Switch

Installation and wiring instructions for the 6-way Oak Grigsby Lever Switch.

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Excellent Upgrade For A Stratocaster


Verified Buyer

I installed one of these Grigsby 6-way switches' on my 2016 CS Strat. It allows you to pair up the neck and bridge pickups together for a Telecaster sound on the first position. Position 2-6 remain the same for a Stratocaster. The only modification is the slot in your pickguard for the lever has to be elongated. This is a great quality switch, and well worth the effort to install it. Make sure your solder joints are bright and shiny and enjoy!

Robert C. Lowry
Barstow, California


Important correction to my review!


Verified Buyer

I said I used a.065 bass nut file to lengthen the switch slot. A .065 (and obviously the 0.075 that SewMac recommends) won't fit a Fender pickguard. I actually used a #5313 0.046 bass nut file. Sorry if I messed anyone up. (I discovered this when I decided to switch out the first black pickguard I used because if you even breath wrong on a black pickguard, an ugly scratch shows up!)


You do get that great Tele spank and quack in a Strat with this mod


Verified Buyer

I've been avoiding doing this modification because I didn't want to mess with enlarging the pickguard slot. Turns out using a .065 bass nut file was perfect. It not only fits the slot well but it also aligns with the existing slot keeping the groove straight because of the file's width. I also filed to within a mm to the screw hole so the rounded part of the switch lever would clear the pick guard without any problems. With regards to the wiring, although, as mentioned in the StewMac instructions, it may not make a difference which side of the switch faces away from the pots, it DOES make a difference to the orientation of the wiring. Looking at the wiring diagram, I thought I would just wire to the inside of the switch....wrong....crickets. So I unsoldered the wires and went over the closest connections, brought the wires over the switch, and followed the wiring diagram. It worked perfect. I've never taken the time to understand switches so I can't explain why. The new sound, as explained, gives you the bridge and neck pickup together in the 6th (closest to the neck) position. A great sound with spank and quack. A nice sound! I just had to get used to not throwing the switch all the way up for the neck only position.

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