CAIG DeoxIT Pre-treated Swabs - 10 Pack

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Flammable: Cannot ship by air or outside the USA.

CAIG DeoxIT Pre-treated Swabs - 10 pack

Worry-free cleaning around delicate finishes
Don't want to spray contact cleaner around a fragile vintage finish? These pre-treated swabs let you clean electronics with precise control.

We use contact cleaner every day in our shops. For scratchy switches and jacks on guitars, pedals, and amps there is nothing that works faster or better to clean corroded electronics.

There is a risk though: aerosol contact cleaners can spray cold, and can potentially crack a guitar's finish, especially delicate or vintage lacquers. If the cleaner gets under a chip or crack in the finish, it can cause expensive damage.

When we need to be extra-careful, these pre-treated swabs take the worry out of this essential job.

Simple and effective

Each foam swab is pre-treated with 100% DeoxIT (no solvents), the same formula you know and trust. They're the right shape to get into the critical nooks and crannies of switches and jacks. The swab head acts like a mini-scrubbing brush—you'll instantly see it working on dirty, oxidized parts.

The DeoxIT leaves a microscopic layer of protection and improves conductivity. It helps keep jacks and switches operating smoothly, quietly, and reliably for better sound.

Each disposable swab is multi-use: open the swab, clean multiple switches and jacks, and throw away.

For pots we still recommend spray contact cleaner like CAIG DeoxIT Pot & Switch Cleaner and Sound Synergies LECTRICare Contact Cleaner to get inside potentiometers for a deep clean.

Each pack contains 10 pre-treated swabs.

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