Video: Tips for installing fretboard side dots

youtube jnNOfXGBKAs

Issue 237 February 26, 2015

Typically classical necks don’t have side dots, but Dan Erlewine’s adding them to this guitar. He shows the fast easy method, and explains why he’s using a different technique this time. Dan also shares some neat do-it-yourself jigs.

About the guitar in this video: This classical guitar was hand made in the 1960s. It was a gift from the maker to his daughter when she went off to college. After storing it for many years, she brought the guitar to Dan’s shop to get it playing again.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • Installing precut side dots in a neck that’s been finished already.
  • A simple jig lets the strings stay on when the neck’s in a vise.
  • Another little gizmo for quick-cutting side dot material.
  • Solution to a tricky problem: homemade drill bit extender.

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