Using a flash coat for guitar finish touchups

youtube w86n1oGPPqI

Issue 246 July 02, 2015

Dan Erlewine learned this trick at Gibson’s factory back in the 60s: Three jars, three mixes of lacquer and thinner always ready for “flash coat” touch-up spraying. This finish repair hides a batch of punctures in a Gibson archtop.

About the guitar in this video: This 1949 Gibson L-48 had a lot of holes in it, probably left over from someone’s attempt to electrify it.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • The 4:1 flash coat mix
  • Repairing holes with round mahogany patches
  • Using amber super glue as a colored base coat
  • No spray guns used: Prevals did a great job!

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