Trace a guitar to build yourself a duplicate

youtube QBQ9JZgFPgo

Issue 307 June 14, 2018

Steve is an apprentice in Dan Erlewine’s shop, and he’s planning to build himself a copy of Dan's 1930s Kalamazoo K-11. Here's his simple and accurate way to create a body template.

About the guitar in this video: this is a Kalamazoo K-11 model, built in the 1930s. With a relatively small body, it was sold as an entry-level, student-grade guitar.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • Drafting vellum is great for tracing
  • Magnets and mirrors give you X-ray vision!
  • Quickly create a bracing plan for both top and back
  • Dan and Steve pick a tune!

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