Short video: Making a guitar neck more comfortable to play

youtube 1I91qSfUQiU

Issue 236 February 12, 2015

Making a beginner-friendly fingerboard: Dan Erlewine’s sister-in-law is learning to play, and her guitar has rough, sharp fret ends. The fingerboard edge is also too sharp, but Dan quickly makes this guitar more beginner-friendly.

About the guitar in this video: This is a Harmony classical model H6272, made between 1972-1975. Harmony's 1974 catalog called it a “Traditional classic guitar with the touch of Harmony greatness.”

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • Beveling the fretboard edges: filing the wood and the fret ends
  • How many tools would Dan use on a job like this?
  • Tip: Use a Radius Sanding Beam upside-down!
  • Polishing frets and oiling the fretboard

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