Repairing Willie Nelson's Trigger guitar

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Issue 291 August 10, 2017

Willie Nelson’s guitar, “Trigger,” is in for repairs at Erlewine Guitars in Austin, Texas. Mark Erlewine shares a closeup look at the famous hole in the top. Mark’s been Trigger’s caretaker for ages, and he gives us the inside scoop on Trigger’s history.

About the guitar in this video: Trigger is a Martin N-20 classical guitar with a unique PrismaTone pickup from Willie's previous Baldwin Guitar. It's a great story that Mark Erlewine tells in this video.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • The story behind Trigger
  • Using lacquer to protect against Willie's fingernails
  • Fixing a new crack in the top
  • Signatures on Trigger's top

Keep watching Mark Erlewine's Repairing Trigger Part 2 — More inside info on Willie Nelson's Trigger guitar

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