Removing the frets on the Mike Bloomfield Tele

youtube F5zKjaA1Uz0

Issue 256 February 25, 2016

The Mike Bloomfield Tele is back in Dan’s shop. It's in for a refret, and that means working very carefully on this historic guitar. As Dan pulls all the frets, does he manage to avoid chipping the old rosewood fingerboard?

About the guitar in this video: This is the 1963 Tele that Mike Bloomfield used to record iconic guitar solos with Bob Dylan and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in 1965.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • Working with the neck removed from the body
  • Deep wear on the frets and fretboard, almost like a scalloped neck
  • Steam heat from a soldering iron
  • A Chip Stopper keeps rosewood from pulling up

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