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Trade Secrets!

How to install six-in-line tuners

Issue 241 April 23, 2015

Six tuners lined up perfectly straight, and no chips in the finish.
The last step in building this beautiful electric guitar is installing the tuners.
Brazilian luthier Rod Gomes visited Dan Erlewine's shop to show how he does it.
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About the guitar in this video: Rod Gomes built this custom electric at his shop in Brazil. The body and neck are made from native Brazilian woods, and the top is Libyan cedar with a white plastic binding. Rodrigo chose our Parsons Street Humbuckers to give this new guitar a vintage sound.

blankIn this Trade Secrets video:
  • checkmarkClearing poly finish out of the string post holes
  • checkmarkMaking sure the six-in-line tuners really are in line!
  • checkmarkRod's beautiful custom build using Brazilian woods
  • checkmarkCheck out the handsome stick-on headstock logo