How to install a bolt-on neck

youtube 2LJczWsBcoM

Issue 245 June 18, 2015

When a local music venue burned down, this Strat was in the blaze. The neck burned like a candle, but Erick Coleman has salvaged the body. This is a good opportunity to show how to install a Fender style neck.

About the guitar in this video: this Strat was in a gig bag near the stage of The Union in Athens, Ohio when a neighboring business caught fire and destroyed the building. This guitar will keep its charred body and rock again with a new replacement neck.

In this Trade Secrets video:
  • Fire-damaged Strat plays again
  • Aligning/clamping the neck
  • How to mark the location of mounting bolt holes
  • Using a radius sanding beam as a cradle in the drill press

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